Last week we were thinking all about skin. From skin treatments, skin issues through to skin trends we really can’t emphasise enough how much the skin industry is booming and what an impact it is having within the Beauty world! As beauty professionals, we know that our services always need to reflect the current trends and the theme of skin treatments couldn’t have come at a more fitting time for Omni due to a new and exciting relationship we’ve recently formed.

As many of you know last week Omni the Salon celebrated its second birthday (hooray). The last two years have been amazing and with any new business, there have been some incredible highs and at times a few lows, however every hurdle has been a learning curve of which we’ve grown and adapted and the salon is now better and stronger than ever!

The idea behind Omni The Salon has always been to provide the highest quality, pioneering treatments delivered by highly educated and qualified Therapists. This is a mantra that has never changed. Very shortly after the salon opened we knew that high on our priority list was to introduce Laser and IPL treatments. As mentioned above, the industry is always evolving and these treatments really are the new generation of skin treatments so we knew we simply had to have them!

In our Laser and IPL quest, we reached out to so many different companies and manufacturers, and we can confirm that at times this industry really can be a minefield! Many demos and meetings later we had decided on a company and eagerly awaited the arrival of our new, state of the art machine. Fast forward 12 months and many happy Laser and IPL clients later, we started to have a few issues with our machine. Cutting a very long (and frustrating) story short, we had to part ways with our machine. Many would feel very defeated by this and probably never want to go near any machine every again (these machines can be eye wateringly expensive).

Not ones to be defeated, we faced this hurdle head on and decided to use all of our gained knowledge and experience to research new companies. Again many a meeting and further demos later, we had the most brilliant meeting with an Aesthetic led technology company called Skyncare. Skyncare create machines purely with the Aesthetic industry in mind. Originally Laser & IPL units were created for

medical practitioners performing very advanced medical procedures. When Laser & IPL treatments crossed over the beauty aesthetics industry the machines themselves still had all the capabilities to perform the advanced medical treatments (with the price tag to match!). As a beauty salon, whilst these are a great feature for your machine to have, you’re never actually going to use them. With this in mind, Skyncare are building a reputation not only for manufacturing amazing beauty aesthetic machines, they also provide the most exceptional on-going customer support and are even a recommended partner of VTCT (Vocational Training Charitable Trust) who are the internationally recognized exam board we work with at Omni Academy.

We now very excitingly counting down the days until our new and improved machine arrives, we’re also equally excited about our new relationship with this fantastic company which no doubt you will be hearing a LOT more about in the coming weeks, eek!

As we’ve said before, at Omni we’re all about sharing and this even includes the hurdles. We learn and adapt from all of our experiences to grow and improve both Omni The Salon and Omni Academy. By sharing we hope our experiences can help you too when you are facing similar pitfalls.

If you are a client of Omni The Salon, keep your eyes and ears peeled for further Skyncare updates, we’ll be sure to shout from the rooftops once our machine has arrived and share an insight to all it’s treatment capabilities. For all students past, present or prospective, if you are interested in delivering Laser and IPL treatments, please do give us a call. We can update you our upcoming course dates but also give you some further information on Skyncare and their machine range. Our Academy office number is 01932 232322.

Omni x

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